One of the reasons I am drawn to flats today is because of the beautiful display of flats at SCAHMS Shows. I have only attended shows over the past few years, but the displays set by Penny Meyer and Chuck Smith were beautiful.

When I envisioned what this site would be I knew their work had to be included. Penny forwarded Chuck Smith’s email address to me and Chuck kindly replied. Chuck is not happy with the photos he’s taken of his own work, so I am putting out a call for photos of his work. If you have taken digital photos of Chuck Smith’s work and are willing to share it, please send it to

Until then, here is one that I found in the SCAHMS archives:


Yes, this is a flat. Chuck paints in oils. And you know that photos don’t do justice to a piece. Just imagine what this looked like at the show! It was engraved by Daniel Lepeltier.

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