(Editorial Note: Good art moves me emotionally. I have never given it much thought, but I think we are made to be moved by things beautiful. Beauty is one of the three main ideas by which we judge things; the other two are truth and goodness.

When I saw Roger’s latest posts as a work in progress, my first thought was how much I wanted to preserve it at flattinfigures.com. Roger sent me a set of photos that chronicle his progress along with a few notes. Thanks, Roger.)

The Making of the Vignette Charles XII Funeral Procession

by Roger Newsome

The figures are 30mm and originally edited by the Thorild Sivhed and now available from Alexander Wilken. The set is based on the painting “Karl XII’s Likfärd,” by the Swedish artist Gustaf Cederstöm.

I decided not to use the full set on one base depicting the painting but to do seperate vignettes which will be displayed together.

Part 1 is now complete, here are some photos of the painting process with a brief description of the steps involved.

Photo 1, The bare figures placed on the base I chose to see if it would fit.


Photo 2, The hunter, boy and leader of the procession primed with grey car primer.


Photo 3,The main group primed.


Photo 4 & 5, Painting of the faces. I use an acrylic base coat and then continue with oils. Titanium White, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber are the only colours I use for 30mm faces with an occasional touch of Indian Red to add a touch of colour to cheeks and lips.



Photo 6, Boots and gaiters next.


Photo 7,8,9, Again acrylics were used as a basecoat, and then oils for the shading and highlights.




Photo 10, 11,12, The light and shade was build up in successive thin layers and finally details such as buttons and sword hilts were added.




Photo 13, The completed vignette. The snow is a product from a company called deluxematerials  their web address is, www.deluxematerials.co.uk


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  1. Beautiful painting and the final touch with the background makes it a fantastic dioraa ! Congratulations to Roger !!

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