Randy Myers is an accomplished sculptor and painter. I remember the first SCAHMS meeting I attended years ago. I was a novice, ignorant. Several members placed pieces they were working on or had completed on a table for “show and tell.” One piece was of a Civil War Officer. No painting had been done, which made me wonder why it had been placed on the table.

When the time came, Randy presented his unpainted piece. He had sculpted it. I was dumbfounded. I must have thought sculptors existed in another dimension and that their works simply fell into ours—which is another way of saying I had neverIMG_1017 given thought to how the figures we paint came to be. I knew I was in a class of artists well beyond my own ability. And they just kept coming throughout the year: Dave Whitford and Bill Horan to name two.

I say all that to say this. When I brought Rich Odell’s “Amy Johnson” to one of our meetings, Randy said he loved the piece. That is when I told him I would give my copy to him if was willing to paint it. He took me up on the deal, and what a beautiful job he did in painting “Amy.”

He later told me that he had never painted a woman’s face before. I would have never guessed it.

He displayed “Amy” at the last SCAHMS Show 2015. I asked him if he was willing to let me take the piece to Kulmbach. He agreed. I hand carried “Amy Johnson” to Kulmbach, Bavaria last week. Accompanying “Amy” was a beautiful model of the plane Amy flew, constructed by Reed West.


Here is a close up of Randy’s piece:

IMG_1853Randy was awarded a Bronze Medal. Congratulations!!!


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