One of the most useful sites I have found on the internet relating to flat tin figures is hosted by the International Flat Figure Society. It is useful in part because it covers so many years. It is useful because of the quarterly journal they print (also available to members in digital form online). It is useful because of the various entries that can be searched including: Notice Board, News, Figure Identification, etc. You can post questions, or photos of pieces you are looking for, and get an informed answer. A huge reason the website is so useful extends beyond its great content to its webmaster, Mark Kirkbride.

The Society used to be called the British Flat Figure Society, but it is not just for people living in Britain. They want it to be known that their appeal is to the whole world. That is why, several years ago, they changed the name to the International Flat Figure Society. I am a member, and have consulted their site regularly.

One of the many pleasures of the show at Kulmbach was meeting the people I’ve known only in name and through the internet for years.  It was great to associate the faces with the names.


It was a pleasure visiting with various members throughout the duration of the show.

We visited the Plassenburg on Sunday.




Franz Winkler arranged for our trip to the Plassenburg and walked us through the 5-storey museum of flat tin figures.

Chris Seeley informed me that one of the dioramas was produced by the British Flat Figure Society and donated to the museum.


Chris Seeley viewing the diorama donated to the Plassenburg Flats Museum



11940321_10206956463017546_847260186_n(Photos provided by Christ Seeley)

My wife discovered that the last name of one of the members is “Morgan,” which was her grandfather’s last name. So, she wanted a photo with him and the other members of the Society. (Do you see the resemblance?)


Nicholas Ball informed me that the Society is working on producing a series of flat on the theme of King Arthur. He showed me the drawing of the first two figures. They are beautiful. I definitely want to collect them. Nicholas said he would send me photos of the first four figures.

The members I had an opportunity to visit with helped make our stay in Kulmbach as pleasant as it could have been.

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