Andreas Barz told me about a group of collectors who meet in Freiburg/Black Forest. They met Friday evening and Andreas sent me some photos of their meeting.

Jean-Jaques Mineur, Christoph Scheffel, Philippe Fourquet and Francis Quiquerez from left to right

Jean-Jaques Mineur, Christoph Scheffel, Philippe Fourquet, Francis Quiquerez

Below are some of the figures Andreas photographed:


30 mm mounted trumpeter (below), painted by Philippe Fourquet of Colmar/France, edited by former editor Artur Andreas Lehmann of Freiburg, now available by the Freiburger Zinnfigurenklause, see:

Trumpeter 16th century painted by Philippe Fourquet


The figure below of Mary was painted by Francis Quiquerez of Colmar/France. The original portrait is from the Gent Altar piece painted by the late medieval brothers Hubert and Jan van  Eyck (Andreas Barz).

St. Mary after the Gent Altar Piece painted by Francis Quiquerez


The three musketeers (after the novel by Alexandre Dumas), PAINTED BY FRANCIS QUIQUEREZ OF COLMAR/FRANCE, large scale flat figure edited by Wolfgang Bock of Wernigerode, see:

The Three Musketeers painted by Francis Quiquerez


Bust of an Indian warrior (below), edited by Benedikt Widmann, engraved by Andreas Trost and painted by Francis Quiquerez from Colmar/France

Indian Bust painted by Francis Quiquerez

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