(Editorial Note: The article in this post is written by Penny Meyer. Bill is a highly respected sculptor in the United States.)

Bill Merklein has been a sculptor and painter for over 50 years. As a professional sculptor, his talent has no boundaries. He has sculpted several beautiful historical miniature figures. He worked for Hasbro toys during the 1980’s sculpting the masters for the GI Joe action figures.

His most famous sculpture hides in most people’s wallets: The dove hologram that is on the back of the Visa credit card. This miniature sculpture was created at actual size. Holograms have to be sculpted and photographed 180° at actual size.

Recently, Bill teaches sculpting and oil painting at the Long Island Art League in New York and resides in Connecticut.

Bill has recently started a series of bas-relief sculptures of talented people in history and images of famous artworks. These are available to the miniature artist as limited editions of 100 pieces. After 100 castings, the masters will be destroyed. Each piece is individually cast in resin at the time of order. Each casting is $100. The first 2 sculptures are available now: “The Girl With a Pearl Earring” and “Edgar Allen Poe.”

This is a photograph of Bill’s oil painted miniatures that were displayed at the Miniature Figure Collectors of America show at Valley Forge Pennsylvania in May 2014.

On display at MFCA

This is an image showing 2 primed pieces, one in bronze primer and one in gray primer.


This image is of the Edgar Allen Poe painted by Penny Meyer and displayed

at the Miniature Figure Collectors of America show in May 2014.


This is a formal portrait of the Edgar Allen Poe by Penny Meyer

formal poe

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