(Note: when I picked this piece up from Penny in Las Vegas it was already packaged and ready for us to deliver it to the show. Penny said she didn’t think her entry was “Kulmbach quality.” Little did she know that it would be characterized as “perfect” by some. Needless to say, she won Best of Show in the category of Masterclass Painters. She was elated.)

Charlie Chaplain, “The Kid”.
Flat Tin Figure
Produced by Jupiter Miniatures
Engraved by Andreas Trost
Available from The Little Tin Soldier
Painted by Penny Meyer with JoSonjas’ Artist’s Colors
1. Indian Red Oxide
2. Prussian Blue Hue
3. Provincial Beige
4. Unbleached Titanium

The dark gray is made with the Indian Red Oxide and Prussian Blue Hue. Light grays are made with adding Unbleached Titanium to the dark gray mix (tinting). Warm gray is made by adding Provincial Beige to the tinted lighter gray.


2 thoughts on “Best of a Show, Masterclass Painting

  1. All my Congratulations to you, Dear Penny.

    I stand a long time in front of this work at Kulmbach, and dont understand how it is possible to give them such a stunning expression. Just beautiful!

  2. Thank you Marilyne. I am so happy that you enjoyed my work. It was a difiicult flat to paint to perfection. My goal was to make the faces come alive. It makes me happy to know that people see the beauty in the faces. The hands were also a challenge. Hands and faces are what make a portrait come alive. Hugs to you Marilyne!

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