The clean and vibrant painting technique of Bernard Pecquet’s has always attracted me to his work, so much so, that I conducted an interview with him early in the construction of this website.

One of my hopes in traveling to Kulmbach was to meet him face to face, and to see his work for myself. Bernard attend the show and brought several beautiful pieces with him. I took photos of his work, but he assured me that he would send photos of his work for the site. (He is also very good at photography.) Here is what he entered into competition this year:





If you want to know more about his painting technique, I encourage you to read the interview. And, don’t forget to check out the gallery we have of other pieces he painted.

In another post, I said that when I speak to others who know nothing about the “flat” world, the first thing I do is head to Greg DiFranco’s Carthaginian War Elephant. The second thing I do is show them Bernard Pecquet’s work for its beauty and contrast in style. I love the work of both of these men. I could start a fan club for both.

It would be inappropriate for me to close without mentioning the pleasure it was to meet other great painters from France: Philippe Fourquet, Serge Franzoia, Catherine Cesario as well as others. I hope to post more on these talented painters in the near future. (I have created a gallery of the work of Serge Franzoia that already appears in this website.)

Thank you, Bernard.

(I am posting the photos that follow for me.)


Bernard Pecquet and me


Bernard Pecquet, Vladimir Nuzhdin, and me

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