Greg recently painted a flat figure of Baron Von Richthofen and posted it on Facebook. He graciously sent me a photo of his work with the following write-up:

“This is a flat of Baron Von Richthofen that I recently completed.  It is painted in acrylics.  I started as usual with a grey study and then added the colors and tones over that.  In this case I let more of the grey show through than usual in order to give the face some cool vs warm tones.  The mixture of cool and warm tones is seen on most Caucasian faces and is used in portrait painting, and I think helps with realism on larger scale figures.   It was a challenge to try and match the facial features of the Baron – he was a really handsome guy.  I had to play a lot with the shape of his eyes, brow and nose to get it to look like him.  This was done by moving the shadow and highlight shapes around.   The casting is good, but once I applied the shadow and highlight tones I realized it was really not looking like him at all.

“I was inspired to do this figure after my friend Sue’s mother voiced an interest in Jack Muldoon’s version at the Long Island show.  It was then I remembered that Sue’s mother had mentioned that she grew up in the town where the Baron lived, and in fact she use to play in his abandoned estate.  Also, some of her older relatives knew him.  He was born in Kleinburg near Breslau and grew up in Schweidnitz, all of which are in Silesia (now part of Poland).  She also had this attached photo of the Baron with a little person who was the photographer’s assistant in her photo album.     My friend Bob tells me that the uniform is of Ulanen-Regiment Kaiser Alexander III. von Rußland (1. Westpreußisches) Nr. 1.”

Baron Von Richthofen 2a Von Richthofen photo

Thanks, Greg.

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  1. You hear the name Greg DiFranco and you know for certain the work will be first class – glad to say that he has “Aced it Again” – please excuse the pun!

    Greg, superb work….


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