If you missed the interview with Angela Friedl, I encourage you to read it here. She sent the photo below with some explanation of her work. She writes,

Angela Friedl
Angela Friedl

As I had told you, I have several engravings on the go and did not yet finish them all. Two are ready, and one of them is now also painted, in two versions. It is the ‘Tristesse’.

The size of the figure is 58mm x 55mm and engraved in the front. It is based on a drawing I did in May 2014. The drawing shows the matchstick upright.

When the idea occurred to engrave a flat figure out of this motif, I thought of giving the matchstick a different position and engraved it the way it is now.

Tristesse – yes, but on top of the matchstick and the destroyed wings of the elf still in color, this figure is a symbol of never giving up in life. Well, for another person it might have a completely different meaning.

On this flat figure I accept every cast out of the mold the way it is. That means one casted elf might have longer tatters on the wings, another cast might have shorter ones. I have casted the other mould, too, but have not yet finished the painting. You will have a photo as soon as possible.

As you can see the piece is called, “Tristesse.”


Angela is not making these figures available unpainted. If you would like to purchase one painted, please contact her at this email address: flatzinnfigur-mariposa@gmx.de

Thank you, Angela.

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  1. I love the burnt matchstick design, excellent painting too. very nice Angela

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