I am a huge fan of Rich Odell’s work, and am no less impressed with his most recent piece.

I know how a two dimensional photo tends to flatten a piece whether it is a flat or full round figure. When I received my copy of Rich’s “Amy Johnson” last week, I was blown away by the dimension he was able to sculpt into this “flat” figure. I only wish I had the skill to paint it for all it is worth. But I know people who can and look forward to seeing what they can do with this piece. Perhaps several of you with great skill will paint one and send me a digital photo and we can post them as inspiration for the rest of us.

I also urge you to check out Rich’s new and improved website. He has made it convenient for you to order pieces sculpted by him online through Paypal. Also check out the beautiful piece he is currently working on—”Dorothy” in the Wizard of Oz.

His website is here:

Amy-Mould-Casting-003Congratulations on a beautiful piece, Rich.






4 thoughts on ““Amy Johnson” by Rich Odell

  1. Steve many thanks for your kind words, I am as always grateful for your constant efforts to promote the world of flat figures. Like you I am eager to see what the great talents in our community can do with Amy.


    1. Rich, I’m glad there is such great talent in the world like yourself to feature on the site.

  2. I can only agree on Stevens comments, have still to get my copy. It seems like a very sharp and deatiled figure, which will be a joy to put my brush on, well done Rich. I can only dream of what we are to exspect in the future, from Rich’s sculptings

  3. hi Rich, this one is “great stuff “! very nice work, i love this figure very much. I hope to see more like this one, in the future

    very well done


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