Ken Farrar of Mil-mart Miniatures forwarded the following letter from Dirk Ewert to this site, along with his congratulations. Dirk helped raise funds by selling one of his flat figures. 500 euros were raised for a Children’s Cancer Charity in Germany. The piece was engraved by Andres Trost and painted by Benedict Widmann of Jupiter Miniatures.

fertige Figur im Rahmen

Dirk writes,

Hello together,
I would introduce to you this sailor in it’s final painted version and briefly tell his history of the origin.I had the last year shortly before the “Duke of Bavaria”-Show at Kulmbach the idea, to give a figure out, also for my next round birthday“ (50.).Benedikt Widmann was helpful, as usual and able of enthusiasm and put the contact with Sasha Lunyakov, who engraved it after I had decided on a motive.The idea for this motive is from a painting by Winslow Homer, an American painter, with the title, “All’s well.” It shows a sailor, in spite of stormy sea, like a night watchman, whose ship comrades call out the time with the help of the in the background hanging, bell. I found it symbolic-laden enough for my purpose.The painting style of W. Homer (1834-1910) meets me, in my kind to paint, very much, also his motives which, from his time as a correspondent with Harpers Weekly during the American Civil War have become popular or show, however, maritime occurrences.After to us then last year some cancer-conditioned bereavements surprised, I decided the proceeds from the sales of the figure, those among myself who face this awful illness to most helpless ones to let come to good to the children.

Congratulations to Dirk and the Team on a great result.
Best wishes
Ken Farrar

Benedikt, Trosti und ich

Photo above is of Benedikt Widmann, Kirk Ewert, and Andres Trost.

Below, is a photo of the piece painted:

All´s well 1b

(I want to thank Ken for forwarding Dirk’s letter on how the combined talents of sculptor and painter worked toward raising funds for a worthy cause. This is when art transcends art.)

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