Roger Newsome sent several photos that Chronicle the various painting phases of his recent work onKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA a figure called “Albrecht von Wallenstein.”

Roger writes:

Here’s a little explanation concerning the colours used for the horse and the blackened armour. I think those are the two features most people have commented on via the figure forums and facebook.

This is a 45mm figure and was primed with grey RUST-OLEUM Surface Primer which dries to a matt finish.

It then got a couple of thin coats of Vallejo acrylic, I’m not sure what colour as it has rubbed off the label but as you can see a kind of sandy colour.

After the preparation the figure was painted exclusively in oils.

Paints I used for the horse are,

Vandyke Brown
Burnt Umber
Naples Yellow
Titanium White

The armour was given a coat of Lamp Black and then the majority of the paint was removed with a dry brush. The paint was allowed to dry and then the process was repeated until I was happy with the coverage and appearance. 

Highlights were applied simply by placing a tiny spot of white straight from the tube without any medium in the area I wanted the highlight. It was then blended in with a soft dry brush, again this process was repeated several times until I was happy with the result.






Fin 1

Fin 2

The figure’s overall height is 60mm:
Designer: Karl Hinrichsen
Engraver: Ewald Kovar
Available fro Frank Dittmar,

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