A site I visit frequently is www.puttyandpaint.com. Flats rarely make their appearance on the site, but recently, a first effort at painting flats by Adam Skinner appeared. It is an eye-popper!!!


Adam writes,

“Well this was my first flat I have ever painted. I had not even heard of flats in 20 years of painting, until one of my regular customers asked if I would paint this one for him, I was interested in what it would be like compared to painting other miniatures, so I agreed to give it a go. Basically I loved it. found it a bit of a challenge as I had to be more precise with my brushes not having degree of edges to work with when it comes to highlights, normally I would use the edges of the sculpted miniature to run my brush along to create highlights, with the flat I had to be more careful almost creating my own details with the painting in places. The blending techniques were still very much the same as I use when painting standard miniatures.
“Hopefully now I have done this one for my customer he will commission some more as I really enjoyed it. If your interested in having something painted by me please visit Skinnersminiatures.co.uk.”

When you visit Adam’s site it will become immediately apparent that this is not his first effort in painting, but it is his first effort in painting flats. (I am still jealous).

Thanks, Adam.

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