affichesalonAndreas Barz attended 9th Salon Européen de la Figurine Show and sent me around 60 photos. With his permission, I am including his remarks and creating a gallery of the pics. He is a little frustrated that some of the photos did not turn out as well as he would have liked due to the glass in the frames. I experienced the same thing at the Kulmbach Show in 2015, but I am glad to see his photos.

I want to thank Andreas for his report and the photos. He has been a significant contributor to my knowledge of flats and the art world, and a welcome contributor to this site.

He writes:

Last weekend I visited the 9th Salon Européen de la Figurine held on September 10th and 11th in Strassbourg, the beautiful capital of the Alsace and the Department Haut Rhin (Upper Rhine). A lot of collectors and dealers from France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium met in the historical Pavillon Joséphine situated in the beautiful Parc de l´ Orangerie of Strassbourg. It was a fine event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the AFCFEF, the society of the collectors of figures and miniatures of Eastern France. The Salon Européen is a bi-annual event. For further information about the AFCFEF you also can check their website:

Attached you will find some photos of figures to give you an impression of that event (most of the figures have been behind glass so it was difficult to get some good photos and I apologise for their quality.

4 thoughts on “A Report on the 9th Salon Européen de la Figurine

  1. This show is not the biggest in the world but it is certainly one of the most sympathetic

    1. There are some beautiful pieces on display. I am glad Andreas sent these beautiful photos and a brief write up. I am glad to see you featured as well. I wasn’t sure that it was you until I saw the pieces featured in the forefront.

  2. Actually I thought I could be there “incognito”…., but I have been caught by the patrol !

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