How to get hold of flat figures, or how to get to know more of them? Supplement

There are many more delights for the hungry flat collectors ahead, and I would like to dwell on the splendid figures of Ulrich Lehnart of Germany. Historia Lenhart

His figures are mainly Medieval figures. Hernn Lehnart also does Museum commission work, as well as painting commissions of his own figures. He’s a known authority on Medieval times and has designed many figures for other editors as well.

He writes on his series “Burgundishe reiters.”

“The purpose of this series series, was the wish to portray the entry of Herzog Karl des Kühnen from Burgund, in Trier 1473, in diorama form with 30 mm Zinnfiguren, there’s both banners, Herolds, and riding buglers. Some of the earlier figures have been reengraved, as more informations and research on banners was known. To this series is also colour informations on the banners of the most important Noblemen and three sheets with reconstruction of the Burgundische cavalry standards.“

Here are a few examples of these figures:

Karl der Kuhne

Caption: Karl der Kühne in full armor, designer: Ulrich Lehnart, engraver: Daniel Lepeltier

Anton v. Burgund

Caption: Anton von Burgund, designer: Ulrich Lehnart, engraver: Daniel Lepeltier


Caption: Large banner, designer: Ulrich Lehnart, engraver: Daniel Lepeltier

Here’s a few in progress shots of some figures I’ve started, still at it’s starting stage



There are many hours of painting fun in these figures, and if you’re not that good at painting armor, I can assure you will be after painting a few of these figures.


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