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Eric Talmant recently shared a story with us relating to some old moulds, over 70 years old. You can read his report here: http://www.flattinfigures.com/a-little-molds-story-by-eric-talmant He also informed us that the French Society, (afcfef.fr) has the moulds and are pouring new figures from them.

I could not resist. I ordered a set through Eric and received them in the mail yesterday. I am no expert, but I know what I like. The figures are very beautifully engraved and the new figures freshly poured look wonderful. There is no doubt in my mind that a talented painter could make these figures look magnificent.

They are now available through AFCFEF. If interested, you can contact Eric at: talmanteric@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on ““A Little Mould Story” part 3

  1. I painted some parts of this series, published by Sixtus Maier, 25 years ago (a few pictures in my gallery)
    Congratulations to Eric who managed to obtain the original molds !! great moments to come paint

  2. I also bought this figures from Eric. Molds are a great shape and casting is very good.
    Highly recommended lo all collectors of flats.

  3. Just to precise that on the picture the original figures are on the left
    On the rght are the figures redesigned, reengraved and available from Maier (SIMA)

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