Dear friends,

I find myself visiting some sites frequently, one or more times every week, some daily. For example, out of convenience and sometimes out of necessity I visit because I am interested in having a figure identified. I have received a lot of help that way. I also enjoy browsing the many galleries of other painters’ work. I often find myself browsing past issues of the Journal. I love browsing through the journals. They contain information on a variety of subjects. Some of the articles are brief history lessons. For example, Mike Taylor did quite a bit of reading to write an article on “The Canterbury Tales” by Chaucer, and then to comment on a couple of efforts to capture the “Tales” in flats. If you haven’t visited this site lately, I highly recommend you do so. I also recommend you sign up as a member. The cost is worth the price just to have access to the journals.

Another site I find myself heading to over the past few weeks is Mr. Bistulfi’s at bistulfi zinnfiguren. Gianpaolo Bistulfi has collected a lot of very useful information—even a detailed tutorial on how he paints. There are also a host of galleries filled with some of the finest examples of painted flats by some of the finest painters in the world. No doubt, this will be a frequently visited site for some time to come. A recent post is all about Mr.  Bistulfi’s beautiful work and history in the flat world.

I would like to hear from you. What sites do you find yourself visiting? Leave a comment below.

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