Roger Newsome is a regular contributor to the site when he is not on a ship somewhere. He recently posted this set of figures on Facebook. I requested permission to post them here. Roger sent the accompanying description:

This pair of 30mm Prussian Officers c.1870/71 were engraved by Johannes Frauendorf and show  an unhorsed Prussian infantry Major and his mount and an Adjutant hurridly dismounting to come to his aid.

First of all the figures were primed with grey aerosol primer and then basecoated with acrylics. I then added shade and highlight colours with oils, blending them into the acrylic basecoat as I go.

This might be a bit unorthodox but I don’t set out to entirely cover my acrylic basecoat with oil paint, if it looks ok without oil on top I will leave it, I will however add a midtone with oils between the light and shade to create a transition where I think it appropriate. The oils are applied in thin glazes and washes, slowly building up the level of colour until I am happy with the result.

The base was made by Pete Watson, and was designed specifically for flats. Pete is a member of of The Darlington Military Modelling Society and attends a few UK shows. Besides having a good range of bases Pete will manufacture bases to your own specifications.

The groundwork is simply a mixture of soil from the garden and white glue with clumps of grass added when it was dry.



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  1. Well done ! Very nice highlights giving a feeling of life and movment. Excellent floor construction for the situation ! Really impressed ….

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