Andreas Reiner

Several weeks ago I was browsing through some of the past issue of the International Flat Figure Society’s and ran across a beautifully painte...

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The Work of Andreas Reiner

Nicholas Ball

Nicholas Ball writes: I have been sorting out some figures for the family of a former member. These are being sold on behalf of his Grandson for his y...

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News from IFFS

Jack Muldoon and Franz

Good news! This letter from Jack Muldoon of came today: Finally, I have gotten the okay that the security is updated.  Cu...

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“Back in Business”

News and Notes Banner

300,000 I am both amazed and thrilled that we went over the 300,000 visits mark sometime last night. Obviously, many of these are repeat visits. I kno...

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300,000 Hits

La Soeur de l'autre

Richard Poisson, the husband of Catherine Poisson, sent three photos of Catherine’s work for the site. I add them to her gallery as well. Thanks...

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More from Catherine Poisson

Richard and Penny

I have known Penny Meyer for half a dozen years or so now. I got to know her through the workshops she conducted at SCAHMS Shows. Since then we have b...

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Richard Taylor